Speakers of the Software Industry Conference


(alphabetic order)

Prof.dr.ir. W. (Wil) van der Aalst
Wil is a full professor of Information Systems at the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven. At TU/e he is the scientific director of the Data Science Center Eindhoven. His personal research interests include workflow management, process mining, Petri nets, business process management, process modeling, and process analysis. In 2013, he was appointed as Distinguished University Professor of TU/e and was awarded an honorary guest professorship at Tsinghua University. In 2015, he was appointed as honorary professor at the National Research University, Higher School of Economics in Moscow.


H. (Hans) Peter Bech, Author and Economist at TBK Consult
Hans Peter Bech is an Amazon bestselling author. He is a frequent blogger on issues related to growing information technology companies to global market leadership and has written several books and numerous whitepapers on business development in the IT industry. Hans Peter also facilitates workshops for the TBK Academy® and is an advisor for governments and companies. He holds a M.Sc. in macroeconomics and political science from the University of Copenhagen.


J. (Jurriaan) van Rijswijk M.Sc. – Chairman & Founder of the Games for Health Europe Foundation
Jurriaan van Rijswijk, MSc, is the founding chairman of the Games for Health Europe Foundation, leading applied games solutions in Health and Care in Europe. For more than twenty years producing and publishing applied games is Jurriaan’s main professional focus. He is the digital architect of applied games and behavior change. He knows what’s going on in the mass consumer on-line gaming market and in the industry for applied games. He is an independent producer of many games, serial entrepreneur, lecturer at various national and international Universities and board member of the Dutch Games Association.

R. (Ralf) Timmer – Board Member at Keylane
Keylane develops flexible standard software for the core processes of life and non-life insurance companies and pension institutions.
Ralf Timmer is responsible for delivery and solutions. In his role he has the final responsibility for realizing successful implementations as well as for the product development organization (software factories).  Ralf has years of experience with large package implementations for insurance companies, including modernizing insurance processes and information systems and implementing multichannel strategies and digitalization. He is an active member of large implementations steering committees at insurance companies including AEGON, Vivat and Univé. Previously, Ralf worked as managing consultant at Ernst & Young.


(alphabetic order)

hans_becker_spreker_sincH. (Hans) Becker, Business Development Benelux – Testbirds
Hans Becker is responsible for the Business Development of Testbirds Benelux. Testbirds holds its headquarters in Munich and offices in the Amsterdam, London and Budapest. After obtaining a degree in Computer Science, Becker gained vast experience in various large corporations. He worked as a project manager, business analyst and account manager for international concerns in Europe, Asia, South Africa and the US. Building up Testbirds’ crowdtesting services in the Benelux, Hans Becker is an expert in both the technical as well as the business-related aspects of modern-day software testing.

vincent_blijleven_spreker_sincV. (Vincent) Blijleven
Vincent Blijleven is a PhD researcher at the Nyenrode Lean Institute, part of Nyenrode Business University, and the Academic Medical Center (Emma Children’s Hospital), part of the University of Amsterdam. He received his master’s degree (cum laude) in Business Informatics from Utrecht University in 2013. In recent years, Vincent has published scientific articles in the research domains of lean management, software ecosystems, software product management, outsourcing, and medical informatics, and is co-author of the recently published book “Lean IT Partnering”. He is currently pursuing his PhD on investigating the impact of electronic health records implementation on lean practices in hospitals. Vincent is also co-founder of Dutch Software: one single platform that offers the latest information about Dutch (product)software companies, their products and industries served, enriched with data about venture capitalists involved, rankings, and related news.
Company website: www.dutchsoftware.nl
Personal website: www.vincentblijleven.com
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/vincentblijleven

RobertDeckers_spreker_ckc_sIr. (R) Robert Deckers PDEng, Architect at Atom Free IT, PhD student at the VU
Robert Deckers has been working in the area of architecture, model driven development, and requirements since 1991. He has developed and applied specification methods and supporting tools and acted as architect and consultant on all organizational levels. Robert is co-author of the book “DYA|Software, architecture approach for mission critical applications“ and also shares his knowledge via courses, presentations, and coaching. In 2013 he has started his own company to devote himself to his vision: software development is about integrating knowledge and not about realizing technology. In 2015 he begun a PhD research project at the VU University.

JorisvanEil_spreker_ckc_semJ. (Joris) van Eil, Business Consultant, De Breed & Partners
Joris is a management consultant with a background in IT, and has been building expertise in a broad spectrum of innovation subsidy programs and tax incentives for more than 10 years. He provides knowledge, support, and oversight to all layers of organizations in many sectors in the Dutch market, ranging from industrial machinery, to medical technology, to software development. His specialties are combining different funding instruments, and helping organizations conform to what is required when applying for these instruments.

Otto de Graaf_site O. (Otto) de Graaf, Chief Marketing Officer ADAM Software
Otto is passionate about the intersection of product, marketing and strategy, and making these disciplines work in unison. Over 20 years of experience in the software industry in Tridion, SDL and ADAM Software.


robert_helmer_spreker_sincR. (Robert) Helmer, De Breed & Partners BV
Robert has an economic background and is principally engaged in advising on both national and international grants within the Breed & Partners . He has experience of providing grant advice and assistance to a variety of businesses -including a number of multinationals. Robert worked prior within Andersen , Deloitte and Grant Thornton


Maarten_Houlen_spreker_ckc_seminarsM. (Maarten) HoelenAttorney at Law & Tax advisor, Baker & McKenzie
Maarten is specializes in Dutch corporate tax law, personal income tax law and international tax law, with particular emphasis on innovative companies, efficient international tax structures, Mergers and Acquisitions and fiscal legal procedures. Mr. Hoelen focuses on providing practical solutions for his clients in various industries. He has been involved in several restructuring projects for large ICT and production companies. Furthermore he has recently implemented an international CIT efficient and user friendly (supply chain) structure for a Dutch Payment Services Provider company.

bas_jansen_spreker_sincB. (Bas) Jansen RC, PhD Candidate – Delft University of Technology
Bas Jansen is an industrial engineer with 20 years of experience at the intersection of finance and ICT. After working as both IT consultant and management accountant he founded InfoAction in 2008. Together with his colleagues he helps his customers to optimize their reporting, consolidation and budgeting. In 2013 he joined Delft University of Technology as a PhD candidate. His research is aimed to develop algorithms and techniques to facilitate the design, development, and maintenance of large spreadsheets.

micheal_de_jong_spreker_sincM. (Michael) de Jong – Software Engineer,  @ Magnet.me
is an online network that gives students and graduates insights and access to all their possible career opportunities. Michael is responsible for many of the backend services supporting Magnet.me, and its infrastructure and operations. He has a keen interest in distributed systems, continuous deployment, and databases. He is also the author of QuantumDB – a tool to simplify, automate, and version database schema evolution for services running in a continuous deployment setting which cannot afford downtime.

ad_klint_spreker_sincA. (Ad) Kint – project-network manager CIP
Ad (1955) has a long experience in ICT and has done studies in Informations(ICT) and Organizations science. Both inside and outside the government he has held various IT management positions in a number of public and private organizations. From 1998 he has been working at UWV in various management functions. Since 2013 he works in the public-private network organization ‘Center for Information Security and Privacy Protection (CIP )’ as a project-network manager. By sharing and developing knowledge in the CIP community through practitioner communities for secure software developing (mobile), procurement/outsourcing of security and implementation of the baseline information security for the Dutch government organizations.
His motto is “Join and Share” for a safe Dutch Government.

henk_kievit_spreker_sincH. (Henk) Kievit, Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship & Stewardship, Nyenrode Business University
Henk Kievit is Director of the Nyenrode faculty Center for Entrepreneurship & Stewardship as well as the Program Director of the Modular Executive MBA programs for Food & Finance / Business & IT / Public & Private.
Henk is involved in a number of activities in the field of social venturing entrepreneurship, (venture) philanthropy.
Prior to joining Nyenrode as a research associate in October 2005, he worked in the international business of information technology and a private family philanthropy and societal investments organization,
with a dedicated private equity social venturing fund in the Netherlands. In 2005 he founded an independent consultancy firm for strategy advise on family business, social venturing & venture philanthropy activities.

klaas_klunder_spreker_sincK. (Klaas) Klunder, Managing Director – Marketing Penguin
Klaas Klunder (1963) received a bachelor degree in marketing at the School of Economics in Amsterdam. Later he followed a postgraduate course in Strategic Communication Management at the University of Groningen. He worked 15 years in various marketing and communications positions in the IT industry for companies such as Microsoft and Oracle. After that he switched to consultancy. In the past 15 years, he helped several organizations from small to large to become commercially successful. Right now he helps various organizations in the field of marketing strategy, online marketing and Public Relations as Managing Director of Marketing Penguin. He also teaches as NIMA Qualified Lecturer at NCOI the courses Marketing and Communication. He is author of the Business Novel “The Marketing Monk“.

Bert_Kneepkens_spreker_sincB. (Bert) Kneepkens Ir. – Patent Attorney at AOMB in Eindhoven
AOMB is a full service intellectual property consultancy firm, working in the Netherlands for multiplicity of clients and having offices in Eindhoven (TU/e campus and High Tech Campus), Arnhem and the Hague. Outside the Netherlands AOMB works in partnership with several European affiliate offices as an integral part of the AIPEX alliance. Within AOMB Bert works as a European and Dutch Patent Attorney in the technical fields of computer engineering, electronics, telecommunication and semiconductors. With over six years of experience his focus lies in providing full service intellectual property consultancy for his clients by drafting, prosecution, litigation, freedom-to-operate, and providing guidance/counseling.

davy_landman_spreker_sincD. (Davy) Landman – PhD Student – Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI)
Davy Landman (@DavyLandman) is a Software Engineer who, after 6 years working in the industry, went into research to better understand Software Engineering. He is currently finishing is his PhD (under Paul Klint) at the CWI in Amsterdam, part of the Software Analysis and Transformation team of Jurgen Vinju.


Wouter_Neyndorff_spreker_sincW. (Wouter) Neyndorff, CTO & co-founder – inSided
Wouter Neyndorff is CTO and co-founder of inSided. He is a serial entrepeneur; founded (and sold) the biggest mobile phone community in the Benelux. He co-founded inSided in 2010 to capitalize on the insight that brands need technology and advice to build their own branded community. He is now successfully scaling up this company internationally with customers like Sonos, TomTom, T-Mobile, Eircom, BNP Paribas and more.

Adrian_Pearce_spreker_sincA. (Adrian) Pearce – Principal Consultant, EMEA, Software Monetization
Adrian is the Principal Consultant for the Software Monetization division at Gemalto. In this role, Adrian is responsible for guiding enterprise-level software vendors through the daunting challenge of fully integrating license enforcement into their businesses. Adrian specializes in top-down methodologies that include helping vendors define their corporate licensing goals and philosophies, designing system architectures, as well as developing business process and technology requirements that serve the myriad of needs across organizations. Adrian joined Gemalto (formerly SafeNet) in 2014. Prior to this current role, Adrian has held Product Management positions at IBM, i2, WorldCom(Now Verizon) and UUNET. Adrian Graduated with honours from Anglia Ruskin University with a Degree in Software Engineering.

jack_van_praag_spreker_sincIr. J. (Jack) van Praag
Jack van Praag is a partner at MetaFactory, where he has final responsibility. With over thirty years of experience as an IT entrepreneur, Jack has developed his own management style. He believes that each person can make a difference. Working in an organization should be a joy for everyone involved, and it is up to the leader to accommodate that. Central themes are security, development and excellence. Combining his background in software with a human approach and a good dose of business know-how, he is able to see opportunities on a personal and business level. Jack holds a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from TU Delft

ad_reuijl_spreker_sincA. (Ad) Reuijl – Directeur CIP
Ad (1956) has a long experience in ICT and has done studies in Computer Science and Business (Incead). Both inside and outside the government he has held various IT management positions in a number of organizations. From mid-2009 he has been working at UWV. Since 2012 he has set up the public-private network organization ‘Center for Information Security and Privacy Protection (CIP )’. By sharing and developing knowledge, by joining forces and producing all kind of reusable products, white papers, etc. CIP wants to contribute to the increase of cyber resilience and trust in governmental services. The network comprises a large number of participating government organizations and knowledge partners in the market.

ralph_van_roosmalen_spreker_sincR. (Ralph) van Roosmalen, Agile Strides – Coaching & Consultancy
I believe people make all the difference in every project. The skills of people, how they work together and how they feel. Scrum, Kanban, eXtreme Programming, Management 3.0, these are just tools or frameworks that exist to help people. I have been working in IT since 1997. I had different roles: from developer, tester, Scrum Master, Agile coach, lead, manager to VP. What I always liked most, however, was working with people to improve the processes and the environments they work in. I am an active member of the Agile community and shares my insights and knowledge by speaking at conferences and writing blog posts. I am specialized in recruitment, building (distributed) agile software teams and management 3.0.

paul schreuder_siteP. (Paul) Schreuder, Managing Partner, Xebic Onderwijs BV
Selling business applications is a profession on the edge of people, processes and software. Paul has been selling ERP software and started his own business in 2002. Paul is co-founder of Xebic Onderwijs B.V., a software company developing business applications for vocational training centre’s, higher education and universities. The aim of Xebic is to lower the red tape in order to help lectorers and students to focus on learning.