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Kick off by Chair Marianne Zwagerman
ROOM: Podium 3


Creating enterprise value by an international buy and build strategy

ROOM: Podium 3

Quinity started a journey of international growth in the beginning of 2014. Quinity became Keylane as a result of a number of strategic moves at the start of 2014. Keylane operates in the market of standard software suppliers for insurance and pension companies. A consolidating market with huge competition and complexity. With the ambition of becoming a European market leader, Keylane executed a dedicated buy and build strategy resulting in fast growth. From 150 employees to over 500 employees in less than 2 years. This keynote addresses the journey Keylane went through, focusing on: what drives enterprise value? Topics covered are: starting with private equity, acquisition experiences, product strategy in a buy and build context, internationalization of standard software, exponential growth challenges, SaaS in a mission critical business.
Ralf Timmer, Board Member, Keylane


Big Software on the Run: In Vivo Software Analytics Based on Process Mining

ROOM: Podium 3

Software-related problems have an incredible impact on society, organizations, and users that increasingly rely on information technology. Since software is evolving and operates in a changing environment, one cannot anticipate all problems at design-time. Hence, we propose to analyze software “in vivo”, i.e., we study systems in their natural habitat rather than through testing or software design. We use process mining as a tool for such in vivo software analytics. Process discovery techniques can be used to capture the real behavior of software. Conformance checking techniques can be used to spot deviations. The alignment of models and real software behavior can be used to predict problems related to performance or conformance. Recent developments in process mining and the instrumentation of software make this possible. This keynote provides pointers to the state-of-the-art in process mining and introduces the “Big Software on the Run”. Wil van der Aalst, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven


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Sessions A1 – B1 – C1 – D1 MAKE YOUR CHOICE

Wouter_Neyndorff_spreker_sincA1 – International SaaS scaling – a CTO perspective

ROOM: Podium 3

Scaling up a (B2B) SaaS company internationally is a great adventure with many ups and downs. There are periods in which you think that it can’t get worse and there are periods in which you are ecstatic about the speed of growth. The exact role for a CTO differs in each stage of a SaaS company. We will go over each stage up until about €10mln revenue: from coding your first lines to taking part in the management team up until scaling the company, product, revenue and team(s) internationally.
Wouter Neyndorff, CTO & co-founder, inSided

hans_becker_spreker_sincB1 – Crowdtesting: Don’t ignore, but involve your end-user

ROOM: Boardroom

Crowdsourced software testing is a fairly new but established approach for testing applications, websites and other software. It utilises the power of real end-users and their smart device capacities. Accordingly, insights on user expectations, user experience and device compatibility are gained. Learn about the importance of crowdtesting, together with case studies regarding bug and usability tests for ANWB and NS.

Hans Becker, Business Development Benelux, Testbirds

davy_landman_spreker_sincC1 – Agile Tools for Agile Software Developers (20 minutes)

ROOM: Podium 7

Most jobs can be done with just a hammer, however, adding a screwdriver gets the job done a lot quicker. In a similar way software developers are shaped by the tools they have available. To work even more efficiently, these tools have to be adapted for the project’s context. We present Rascal, a programming language to quickly adapt tools to a changing environment.
Davy Landman, PhD Student, Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI)

micheal_de_jong_spreker_sincC1 – Zero-Downtime Database Schema Evolution (20 minutes)

With Continuous Deployment web services are deployed several times a day. When they evolve, their database schema often needs to evolve along with them. However not every database operation can be safely used in a production environment. So, how do you transition your service and database schema to the next version, safely, and without causing downtime?
Ir. Michael de Jong, Software Engineer,

paul schreuder_siteD1 – Selling business applications

ROOM: Podium voor Kunst

Selling business applications is a different ball game. What do you have to take into account? What are the differences selling to businesses or governmental institutions? During this presentation you will gain insight in critical factors for successful sales of business applications.
Paul Schreuder, Managing Partner, Xebic Onderwijs BV


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Session A2 – B2 – C2 – D2 MAKE YOUR CHOICE

A2 – Innovating together
Sponsored by De Breed & PartnersDB&P logo totaal site

ROOM: Boardroom

De Breed & Partners, Baker & McKenzie and AOMB have been working together, strategically as well as operationally, to help innovative enterprises for some time now. By aligning grants, credits, tax and IP in advance, a synergy-effect is created which results in more financial space for innovation. During a joint presentation this synergy-effect will be explained using case examples. You will see how directing innovation strategically yields added value.





Robert Helmer, subsidie consultant, De Breed & Partners BV





Bert Kneepkens, Patent Attorney at AOMB in Eindhoven

jack_van_praag_spreker_sincB2 – Software Development Automation provides the right tooling for organizations that are using SAFe

ROOM: Podium 3

Software Development Automation (SDA) is based on recognizing patterns in source code. Large IT organizations are increasingly using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). How can SDA assist software architects and feature agile teams in creating more productivity, improve code quality and enhance maintainability? What lessons and challenges did we encounter and how can SDA be implemented in this Framework?
Ir. Jack van Praag, MetaFactory

bas_jansen_spreker_sincC2 – Spreadsheets: Blessing or Curse? (20 minutes)

ROOM: Podium 7

Spreadsheets are probably the world’s most successful end-user programming language. They are widely used in Industry. 95% of all U.S. companies use them for their financial reporting. Significant business decisions are often based on information coming from spreadsheets. But we also know that they are error-prone. Should we abandon them? What is causing the errors? Can we fix that?
Ir. Bas Jansen RC, PhD Candidate, Delft University of Technology

RobertDeckers_spreker_ckc_sC2 – Caught in the code (20 minutes)

Software based innovations are often captured in code. That code is typically for 90% not about the innovation at hand, but about all kinds of other aspects of running software. Transferring an innovation to another external situation, other then what the initial source code is aimed at, is difficult and depends on the inventors’ involvement. This hampers the externalization of any software based innovation. This session is a discussion with the audience based on a number of provocative statements.
Robert Deckers, Architect at Atom Free IT, PhD Student at the VU

henk_kievit_spreker_sincD2 – Development of executive business talents in the IT industry

ROOM: Podium voor Kunst

Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship & Stewardship, Nyenrode Business University


Lunch break at the exhibition


Introduction afternoon program by Chair Marianne Zwagerman


Games contribute to a transformative economy

ROOM: Podium 3

Innovation thinking from a technologic perspective often, if not always, results in creative destruction of a sub-optimal process. And thus contributing to the ongoing commoditization of the economy. What we call a rat-race down the drain! Innovation thinking from a social perspective is able to transform sub-optimal situations into totally new solutions that empowers people with technology and improves the way organizations and systems behave. Applied game design thinking is a revolutionary approach to radically sustainably transform the way peoples, organizations and systems behave. That’s what I call creative construction.
Jurriaan van Rijswijk M.Sc., Chairman & Founder, Games for Health Europe Foundation


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Sessions A3 – B3 – C3 – D3 – MAKE YOUR CHOICE

A3 – Grants optimization: Tips & Trics
Sponsored by De Breed & PartnersDB&P logo totaal site

ROOM: Boardroom

During this joint presentation we (De Breed & Partners, Baker & McKenzie and AOMB) will give you insights and tricks which you can apply directly in your organization with regard to optimizing and expanding your WBSO grants and consequently resulting in a perfected innovation box-ruling with the Dutch Tax Authorities.
By taking into consideration your deliberate strategic decisions during the preparations for your WBSO and innovation box applications, a significant lower average tax rate in your company will be the result.We welcome you on the Software Industry Conference and would like to share our challenges and lessons encountered presenting a practical case.





Bert Kneepkens, Patent Attorney at AOMB in Eindhoven





Maarten Hoelen, Attorney at Law & Tax advisor, Baker & McKenzie





Joris van Eil, Business Consultant, De Breed & Partners

ralph_van_roosmalen_spreker_sincB3 – How to Initiate Innovation?

ROOM: Podium voor Kunst

Innovation: the buzzword of today. Every company claims they need innovation to stay relevant! Without innovation there is no future. Adobe has Kickbox, Google has a 20% time policy, etc. But how do you get your team innovating again? In this session I will share with an approach how to get innovation back in your company: Exploration Days.
Ralph van Roosmalen, Director, Agile Strides – Coaching & Consultancy

gemalto_partner_SINCAdrian_Pearce_spreker_sincC3 – The Evolving Role of Software Monetization in a Digitally Advanced World
Sponsored by Gemalto

ROOM: Podium 7

Join Gemalto (formerly SafeNet) for the key trends in Feature Monetization, Entitlement Management and Product Usage Insight an understand the evolving world of licensing and monetization.

Whether your products are deployed on premise or in the cloud, licensing has become increasingly complex. We will explore the challenges to software application and hardware device vendors in meeting these customer demands.

  • Understand new commercial & licensing models – subscriptions, consumption-based
  • Overcome constraints to give customers what they want when and where they want it
  • Customer Experience – The new measure of success?

Adrian Pearce, Principal Consultant, EMEA, Software Monetization

klaas_klunder_spreker_sincD3 – Transform your website into a lead machine

ROOM: Podium 3

IT company with sales cycle of 12-18 months. 2500 unique website visitors per month no leads through the website. The solution is to integrate the Inbound Marketing strategy supported by the implementation of Marketing Automation software HubSpot. The results after 1 year: 627 leads, 73 marketing qualified leads and 15 sales opportunities. After 2 years 8000 unique website visitors per month resulting in 100 leads. Lessons learned: Content is king. Prospects that are not in the market keep following the company because they find the content very interesting. And when the need arises this IT company is the first they call to ask for an appointment.
All participants to this session will receive the book “De Marketing Monnik”

Klaas Klunder, Managing Director, Marketing Penguin


Break at the exhibition


Sessions A4 – B4 – C4- D4 MAKE YOUR CHOICE

vincent_blijleven_spreker_sincA4 – The Dutch Software Industry in an International Context: Challenges & Opportunities

ROOM: Podium 3

The Dutch product software industry flourishes. However, it faces plenty of well-known challenges and opportunities. Examples are attracting and retaining new talent, migrating from on-premises to SaaS, the journey towards internationalization, lead generation, and financing. But what about foreign software industries such as in Germany, France, Finland, Russia, or the United States? Can we spot similarities and differences? Is there something we can learn? During this session, I’d like to facilitate an interactive discussion among attendees on how to address and realize or tackle some of the main challenges and opportunities our industry is facing.
Vincent Blijleven, Co-Founder, Dutch Software

ad_reuijl_spreker_sincad_klint_spreker_sincB4 – Collaboration for Secure Software

ROOM: Boardroom

Today, security breaches are more common than ever. Albeit not the only cause, the quality of software is a key issue in the succes of hacking-efforts and data leakage. ‘Grip on Secure Software Development (SSD)’ offers both a method and a requirements framework that enables clients and vendors to collaborate for secure software, using SMART requirements. In this session we will elaborate on Grip on SSD and on some lessons learned at a large governmental organisation, during implementation.
Ad Reuijl, Directeur CIP
Ad Kint, project-network manager, CIP

Otto de Graaf_siteD4 – Caught between development and the customer: the role of marketing in enterprise software

ROOM: Podium voor Kunst

Many software companies are either sales-led or technology led. This session will explore some of the typical challenges within each type of organization, and how (Product) Marketing can help cross the chasm on topics such as licensing, personas or target segments and product positioning.

Otto de Graaf, Chief Marketing Officer, ADAM Software


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Selling information technology in the 21st century

ROOM: Podium 3

The information technology industry is blessed with diminishing barriers of market entry and cursed by steadily declining windows of opportunity. The need for fast market entry and for taking market leadership positions are essentially the one and only survival approach available. The presentation discusses how to overcome this challenge in a business environment characterized by hyper-change.
Hans Peter Bech, Author (Building Successful Partner Channels in the Software Industry) and Economist, TBK Consult


Closing by Chairman


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Klaas Klunder: “De Marketing Monnik”