Software Industry Conference 2016

From Internal Innovation to External Acceleration
Keys for setting your software organization apart

The Software Industry Conference is the platform for professionals working in or supporting the software industry.
It is an annual Conference initialized by prof. dr. Sjaak Brinkkemper of Utrecht University to emphasize the relevance of the Software Industry. The 4th edition was organized on March 17th 2016 with central theme:
From Internal Innovation to External Acceleration
Keys for setting your software organization apart

Sub themes:
– Corporate development, Ecosystems & Professionalization;
– Technology and Innovation;
– Software Sales, Marketing & Distribution;
– Scientific Track: Research and Development;

Latest News

Software Development Automation provides the right tooling for organizations that are using SAFe

Jack van Praag of MetaFactory shares his vision and experiences with Software Development Automation (SDA) on March 17th. Software Development Automation (SDA) is based on [...]

Crowd testing: Don’t ignore, but involve your end-user

Crowdsourced software testing is a fairly new but established approach for testing applications, websites and other software. It utilizes the power of real end-users and [...]

  • Wil van der Aalst

Learn about Process Mining during the Software Industry Conference

Would you like to know what Process Mining is, what you can use it for (within the Software Development), what the differences between commercial tools [...]

Game Industry vs Software Industry; what can they learn from each other?

During the Software Industry Conference on March 17th, Jurriaan van Rijswijk, Chairman & Founder of the Games for Health Europe Foundation will share his vision [...]


Software Industry Conference



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“Good to stay updated of developments and opportunities in the software industry and get connected to colleagues.”
Hein Hop, Levi9 Global Sourcing
“Nice connections, good presentations (contentwise)
Olaf van Dijk, Zig Websoftware
“Great presentations and enough opportunities to expand your network

Leo de Rooij, Exedra Solutions
“It was very difficult to choose between the various break-out sessions. I found almost all the presentations interesting.”
Hein Remmen, Ezwim